Monday, May 25, 2009

libposix project started !

libposix is a bold attempt to unify the implementation of the core functionality of all Unix systems. libposix is:

  • A full implementation of the POSIX 2008 standard
  • A cross platform implementation, that should replace existing implementations of the system core libraries and unify the core Unix implementation for all systems
  • An exact implementation of POSIX 2008 and nothing else (no extensions, no previous POSIX versions)
  • An implementation that works well with possible extensions to the core system functionallity (ex: GNU, BSD)
  • An implementation of POSIX written from scratch
  • Free and open source software

The main goal of the libposix project is to successfully replace free Unix "libc" implementations with an implementation that is portable, conformant, easy to build, to cross-build, to use, to study and to mantain. Read more about libposix in the introduction page.

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