Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Android is updated and goes unnoticed

This December Android source code received a significant update, but apparently it went completelly unnoticed. The git repository of most components were updated to be compatible with the new Android kernel, based on linux 2.6.27 (previously 2.6.25). Most components have merged a repository called "cupcake", with lots of changes that have now become official. Also, external libraries were updated too. I think we should expect a new minor release of the SDK in a few weeks too. Remember to run a "repo sync" to keep your source code up-to-date (this one will take a lot of time).

This is great news for me, since I was not being able to port Palm TX to Android. I needed version 2.6.27 because it's the first version with official support for Palm TX. I was getting segfaults when executing one of the core applications in Android (servicemanager) in that version. Now I believe the port will work flawlessly. :-D

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